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The brief introdution of oil painings history and this oil painting gallery online website for you.


Oil Paintings well know to us is during the Middle Ages.It changes begin with the Early Netherlandish painting in northern Europe, and through the Renaissance oil painting techniques movement ,the oil paintings had  replaced tempera paints in most Europe.

And as the immigration,oil paintings spread to American,Australia,etc then it ‘s other Asia countries,such as Korea,China.

At the first period time,the oil paintings are only painted and uses by the nobles.That is why most of the primary oil painting artist are nobleman or richman.

During the painting medium easy to get and the oil paintings popular,more and more people learn the oil paitings.At the same time, oil painting gallery comes out.Firstly,it teach many people how to paint oil paintings.Secondly,it sell the oil paintings artwork to common people.Let the common people can taste the oil paintings art.

As the time going,the oil paintings subject are begin rich.From the palace life to the common people life and landscape oil paintings,animal oil paintings,still life oil paintings,people portrait oil pianingtins and so on.Also people want to custom oil paintings to themselves.Many people like custom oil painting,for example,family portrait paintings hanging in the home,the kids oil painting for memory,the wedding oil painting for love.

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